Group Cruise Survey


We are in the process of planning a Group Cruise for 2010 to celebrate our 50th Birthday(s)! 

The purpose of this survey is to obtain general preferences so a Cruise Line, Date, and Location may be selected.  If you are a first-time cruiser, please check out information at > group cruises or first-time cruisers, prior to taking this survey. 

To negogiate a group cruise rate, the company requires at least 8 double occupancy staterooms be booked (or 16 people total).  We have 5 people commited so far and need an additional 11).

Don't hesistate to contact us with questions by clicking on the "Contact Us" on the Top Toolbar of the Home Page. 


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1)   * How many days are you interested in?

2)   * Where would you be interested in going?

3)   * When would you be interested in traveling?

4)   * What is your price sensitivity for the trip? Costs generally include: Cruise Price, Passport, Air Fare to Departure Port, Travel Insurance, Port Charges & Tax, Shore Excursions, Shopping, Alcoholic Drinks, Tips, and Extras such as Casino, Spa, etc.

5)   * How will you be traveling?

6)   * What is your expected activity level during the cruise?

7)   * What type of activities would you be interested in? These are just examples to gauge type of activity. Check any that apply to you.

  Water Activity (Beach, Pool, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling)
  Sports Activity (Golf, Tennis, Workout, Horseback Riding)
  Excursions (Shopping, Tours, Hiking, Safari)
  Social Activity (Dancing, Dining, Casino)
  Relaxation (Sunbathing, Spa, Reading, Movie)
  I am flexible.
8)   * What type of Cruise Line style would you be interested in?

9)   * What dress code for dining and evening activities would you be most comfortable?

10)   * What dining options would you be most interested in?

11)   * What type of Cabin would you be most interested in?

12)   * Do you have a preference if the cruise line allows young children?

13)   * What type of cruise itinerary would you be most interested in?

14)   * Do you have a Cruise Line preference?